A wife and mother of two, Dallas, Texas native Shawanda Williams, professionally known as “N’Tyse,” juggles her creative endeavors as a novelist-screenwriter-documentarian-film producer and self-expressive artist. A former personal banker and portfolio officer for over 12 years, the multihyphenate enlaces her visceral storytelling between American female-centric dramas and psychological/crime thrillers. Her literary works have been highlighted in Library Journal, Black Expressions, USA Today, and Dallas Morning News. N’Tyse received her B.A. from Arizona State University with a multicultural, interdisciplinary concentration in Creative Writing and Film/Media Studies. She holds a certification from CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) in Social & Behavioral Research in Human Subjects. 

A champion for storytelling diversity and a burning passion to broaden awareness to complex intersections amid people of color and underserved communities, to date, N’Tyse has created and executive produced two documentaries, a book-to-film feature, and has authored-ghostwritten over a dozen novels, two self-help books, and three anthologies. Her proudest entrepreneurial undertaking and labor of love is her boutique agency, C-Suite Literary Studio. Under her tutelage, over 100 books have been nurtured and ushered into both the indie and traditional marketplace. When she’s not nestled somewhere with her laptop sipping a triple-shot-caramel-macchiato latte, she’s out saving the world.  

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